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An Elephant's Tail


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The five young animal friends go looking for an adventure in their own game reserve and find one beyond their wildest imaginings! After Lee O and Bongo almost get caught sneaking into the lodge, Lee O meets a young African boy who, incredibly, seems to be able to communicate with them! And then just when it seems that things can't get more exciting, Hevi gets caught in a poacher's snare! Will the friends be able to free him from the tightening wire around his foot before it's too late? And can Wild Child really talk to the animals?  

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The Five Animal Friends


Lee O the little lion cub lives with his family in a game reserve, somewhere in Africa. His best friends are Manji the small Meerkat, Bongo the young baboon, Hevi the hippo calf and Vile the little vulture. Every day brings a new and exciting adventure for them, and each Animal Adventures in Africa story tells of their amazing escapades! The five animal friends love the game reserve they live in. Because they are kind, loyal and good at heart, they often risk their own lives to look after the environment they inhabit, and help save the lives of other animals - especially those that are endangered.


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Because we care about children and wildlife, Animal Adventures in Africa supports the PawPrint Africa Project. What is it? PawPrint Africa Project donates books in the Animal Adventures in Africa series to underprivileged school children, who live in and around game reserves in Africa. Why? Because over 30% of children in South Africa can't read, and we need to help with this problem. If children can read, they have a chance at a better life. And if they read about our little animal friends, they will come to love animals and want to take care of them, when they grow up! So ask your parents if you would like to donate a book to the PawPrint Africa Project, and help promote literacy and conservation in Africa!


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