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Animal Adventures in Africa


Greetings, parents and teachers! Welcome to the Animal Adventures in Africa website!


What is Animal Adventures in Africa?

This site has been designed to give children a fun, exciting and interactive way to learn about the animals in Africa, about aspects of conservation, and about the various issues that our planet faces. The Animal Adventures in Africa series offers an exciting way for children to become aware of wildlife challenges, and has been enthusiastically received by parents, educators and especially young readers.


What is the series about?

The series is comprised of books, a clothing range, an adventure journal, postcards and posters, and an interactive website. The books are aimed at children between 7 – 11 years old, but can be ready to younger children, or by older children. Each story in the series touches on principles of honesty, integrity and loyalty, and in addition to the engaging tale contained within the pages, Animal Adventures in Africa helps children become aware of the vital role they have to play in wildlife protection, in a very entertaining way.


Why is the series aimed at children?

Many wildlife conservation programmes are focused on saving the natural resources of the earth for future generations, but we believe that children need to participate in this as much as possible, from an early age. Children need to become aware that the future of the planet lies in their hands - and that they have the power to change their world.